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Buying and Leasing Documents for a Dealership - Ottawa, IL
You want the buying process to be as smooth as possible - so find out the documents you need before you leave the house.
If you’ve found the perfect car, the next thing you’ll need to do is finance and/or sign a lease agreement. In order to complete some of these steps, you’ll need to bring paperwork and information in order to run a credit check, register a vehicle, sign up for insurance, and verify your identity. Prepared car shoppers can choose their car and drive off the lot in the same day. Otherwise, you may need to make multiple trips.

Easy Checklist

Bring the following documents for a no-hassle car-buying process:
  • Payment. If you are making a down payment or if you are financing through another lender, you’ll need a cashier’s check, personal check, credit/debit card in order to make a payment. You’ll also have to pay for taxes and title fees, so keep than in mind when purchasing. It’s recommended that you have 20-percent of the sticker price on hand, even if you don’t spend that at once.
  • Driver’s License. This confirms your identity and proves you are a legally registered driver. You may also need this for a test drive, even if you don’t buy that vehicle.
  • Proof of Insurance. You can’t drive off the lot without insurance. Usually, the salesperson will help you contact your insurance company to add your new car to your plan. The insurance company can then fax or email the new insurance card to the dealership. This sounds more hectic than it really is.
  • Title (Trade-In). This is the proof that you own your trade-in vehicle. You’ll need this to transfer ownership to the dealership.
  • Registration (Trade-In). Not to be confused with the title, the registration proves that your trade-in is registered in your specific state.
  • Account Number (Trade-In). If you have an unpaid loan and want to trade a vehicle for a new car, you’ll need the lienholder (lender) to give you the loan account information.
Bill Walsh Honda Finance Documents
By reading our checklist first, you can have all the documents you need for a smooth transaction!

Other Tips Before You Buy

  • It’s also a good idea to print out any information you have about the car you are interested in. This usually includes a description and a stock number to help the salesperson find your vehicle.
  • Check your credit beforehand to get an idea about how much you can fit into your budget. Credit directly affects the amount you can borrow, as well as interest rates
  • Empty your trade-in vehicle of all personal belongings, and be sure to clean the car if it’s especially messy. Otherwise, in-house detailers can make the car look like new.
If you have any other questions about the buying process, don't hesitate to visit us at Bill Walsh Honda in Ottawa, IL!
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